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St John Vianney & St Monica,




Will you be in Year 8 or above

in September 2016?

Dear Candidate for Confirmation,

The Apostles knew Jesus and were alongside him when he was teaching, healing and doing miracles.  They were around when he was arrested.  They disappeared when he was executed but experienced the resurrection with other disciples.  It was only later, at Pentecost, when they received the Holy Spirit, that they gained the maturity and confidence to become active, adult, Disciples of Jesus.  It was the birthday of “The Church”.

It’s similar to our own spiritual lives.  When you were baptised you were probably a baby and had no choice in the matter! 

The Sacrament of Confirmation in Faith is your own choice to be an adult and active Disciple of Jesus – and, as happened to the original Apostles, you receive the Holy Spirit to give you strength and confidence.

The tradition in this parish is to celebrate Confirmation every two years.  The last group of candidates were Confirmed by the Bishop in May 2015 and so we are expecting to invite the Bishop again some time in 2017.  However, we will be inviting those who are in year 8 and above in the academic year starting in September 2016 to being their preparation before Advent.  Keep an eye on the weekly Bulletin and you can write to us then.

Before Advent 2016 we will begin to prepare by gathering each month to look at what this Sacrament is about and to share our faith in confidence.  It is, also, important to celebrate Mass on Sundays each week to help us become adult disciples.

Do speak to those people you know from school who took part in our Confirmation group for the last two years.

Fr Peter


St Monica